30 years of experience servicing your vehicles

A versatile repair shop with no nasty surprises

Choosing to have your repair or installation work done by the professionals at Pièces d’Auto Cobra is your guarantee of safety and quality.

Take advantage of our expert advice:

Don’t get caught off guard. Visit Cobra and let us verify that your brakes are working reliably.

Nothing sounds worse than spent shocks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Neglecting your suspension system can result in damage to your vehicle, and make driving uncomfortable for you and your passengers.

Don’t wait for winter to hit you with unwanted surprises. Visit us at Cobra to have your tires changed, and be ready for whatever winter has in store for you.

Exhaust system
Always committed to respecting the environment, the professionals at Pièces d’Auto Cobra will optimize your exhaust system in order to make your vehicle more ecologically friendly, not to mention less noisy.

Pipe bending
Pièces d’Auto Cobra has the right equipment for bending pipes. Whether you wish to repair a damaged part or install a new one, place your trust in the technicians at Pièces d’Auto Cobra.

There are many benefits associated with proper alignment. Using their 3D machine, Pièces d’Auto Cobra will correct your vehicle’s alignment, resulting in a smoother ride and reduced energy consumption, which translates into fuel savings. It also makes driving safer.

Delivery service
With 7 delivery vehicles serving the Greater Montreal Area, from east to west and from north to south, Pièces d’Auto Cobra can guarantee the availability of its products and services anywhere on the Island.

Contact Pièces d’Auto Cobra today to learn more about the full range of services that are available to you.